Tips for Shopping Safely

Let it be known that there were four credit cards struck by credit card fraud here in Singapore. Customers of Citi, OCBC, UOB and DBS have been warned of the fraud. The event is not new. Many countries also suffered the same fate. If you are the customer, it is important that you follow certain guidelines especially if you are fond of shopping.

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Criminals have their way of getting your information and use it to their advantage. It is important that you practice safe shopping so you will not become one of their victims. Here are some tips for shopping safely:

1.       Review Your Statement
The basic thing that you should do is review your statement right away. If you hear that your bank has suffered a security breach, immediately ask for the statement. If you do not see any unusual transactions, you are safe.

338851-how-to-shop-safely-online2.       Monitor and Contact the Bank
It does not end after reviewing your statement. You should remain vigilant because you do not know when it will hit again and who knows モバイル カジノ that time it will involve your card. If you see any unusual charging, you should contact the bank right away.

3.       Cancel the Card
If you think that your debit card is at risk or is affected of the fraud, you should contact the bank and cancel your card right away. If you do not want to cancel it, at least ask the bank to change your account.

4.       Online Shopping
If you love online shopping, you are greatly at risk. As much as possible avoid purchasing things when you are using Wi-Fi hotspots. If it can’t be helped, make sure that the website is secure and safe. You have to look for the padlock icon in your browser’s bar to make sure it is secure and safe.

5.       Avoid Sending Sensitive Personal Emails
You have to refrain from sending sensitive personal emails that reveals your bank information and other vital information that can be used against you. Legitimate entities will not ask you through e-mail. You should watch out for that.

As for the credit card fraud, the ABS (Association of Banks in Singapore) is conducting investigations. Furthermore, ABS also assured the customers that they are not liable for the fraudulent transactions made in their credit card. As for the banks that were affected, they are doing their best to replace and monitor credit card and transactions.

If you think that you are at risk, you should immediately contact your bank and ask for your statement and alert them if you find anything suspicious. Do not forget to ask for assistance so it will not happen again. Let us make Singapore a safe place for every card holders.

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