Understanding Domain Registration

Any individual, business, institution or organization can have a unique website address. And that can be made possible through domain registration.


What is Domain Name Registration?

Domain registration can be defined as the process of registering and buying a domain name. When you want to register domain name, you have to do it through a domain name registrar. These are Singapore companies that take charge of the registration, administration, and maintenance of domain names. For these responsibilities, you need to pay a certain amount to your registrar, and usually, it is on a yearly basis. Your registrar will secure your domain name at your service.

Obtaining a Domain Name

The first step you need to take when you register domain name is to decide on a name that you want. This will be your website address. Here’s a tip: if you want to attract many visitors to your blog or website, your Singapore domain name should be catchy, as well as easy to type and remember. If your website gets lots of visitors, it means to say that you have more traffic, and thus your website becomes popular.
Once you have chosen a few domain names, the next thing you have to do is to check their availability. Each domain registrar such as a domain registration singapore company has a Whois database, which access a central database containing all existing domain names. If the domain name is available, you can purchase it for a certain amount, depending on the registrar. Aside from domain registrars, you can also purchase a domain name from domain name brokers, domain name resellers, and domain name owners.


A Good Domain Name

Here are some tips you might find useful when you start to register Singapore domain name.

1. Think of keywords that best describe your business, for example. Say you plan to make a website for a auto detailing shop, top keywords can be “car”, “automobile”, “polishing”, “fixing”, “overhaul”, “Singapore”, and the likes. Once you have オンライン カジノ thought of the keywords, you can now match them, add prefixes or suffixes to come up with the best domain name.
2. When you register domain name, you have to be careful not to confuse it with an existing website. Especially when you are seriously promoting your product or service, creating a domain name that is identical to the website of your competitor is not a wise thing to do. Instead of having your existing and potential customers visit your web page, they might misspell or mistype your web address and thus increase your competitor’s traffic stats.


3. As much as possible, make use of the “.com” domain name extension. In the context of domain registration, the “.com” top-level domain is still the best one among the others such as .net, .org, .edu, .biz, .info, and many others. If you are serious about building a strong online presence and a successful Singapore website for a long period of time, you should be choosing the domain name extension that most people are familiar with. For example, www.bestautodetailing.com is better than www.bestautodetailing.net. Most people would still assume that all websites end with a .com.
4. And lastly, make your domain name easy to type. Experts in domain registration would tell you that a very good domain name is one that does not require great attention to input correctly in the address bar. A good portion of marketing value and branding can be lost if your register domain name that is difficult to spell, too lengthy, or makes use of unmemorable words.

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