URA: More Underground Pathways

URA (Urban Redevelopment Authority) announced that extensive plans to add underground pathways or pedestrians are in progress. With this, walking will be safer and more convenient for all people. URA did not mention specific areas to put up these extensive underground pathways but the government highlighted upcoming commercial centres like Jurong Lake District, North Coast, etc. It is possible that URA will start there.IMG_1124_1

URA revealed that there will be an additional 16.5 km pathways from the existing 12.5 km. URA intends to build links in commercial centres but the possibility of building links near MRT stations is being considered. To date, there are three underground pathways – Orchard Road, Marina Bay and Central Business District.

URA did mention that the completion of the project will depend on the owners of the building. The sooner they embark on redevelopment work, the sooner it will be done. It will depend on the owners because some of the buildings cannot put up links without thinking about alteration. Not all buildings have basement. The basement space will allow a building to connect to another building.

The plan is welcomed by all because it can help people get to work without the stress and the hustle. It is weather proof and that is a big factor. People can walk whether the heat is scorching or the rain is piercing. It would greatly perk up accessibility. Getting to work will never be the same with URA’s plans. The agency only hopes that building owners are enthusiastic to start the project so their tenants or employees can utilize it right away.


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