Words You Should Be Wary of When Buying Cosmetics


You are an informed buyer now. You want “natural” or “nontoxic” products especially for your skin because after all, you directly apply it. If you see these labels, somehow you feel safe because it was tested. That is not always the case. Cosmetic products are not like drugs – meaning it did not undergo strict safety checking from the government.

Aside from that, there are many manufacturers, together with their army of marketers, who routinely use vague or misleading claims about the health benefits of their products from lipstick to facial cream and deodorant. It is time that you know the words that they use to entice you.

  1. “Made with…”

You have to watch out for packaging or labels claiming “made with…” This is kind of misleading because they sound like most of the ingredients are made of that when in fact it is just only 1 or 2%. To be sure, look at the percentage found on the label. If it is just 1 or 2%, then it is not worth the pay. Think of what it can do to your skin or body as a whole.

  1. “Organic”

This is another word that should not be used easily by cosmetics company. When they put “organic”, it should truthfully contain organic ingredients. You have to take a look at the label and if you find ingredients like glycol, lauryl sulphate and propylene, it will surely pose health risks.

  1. “Certified Green”

When you hear the word green, it usually implies products that are made without harming the environment. The International Standards Organization warns the public that this is an extremely vague word. Watch out for the certification seals too. Who certified them?

  1. “Free of…”

Watch out for labels claiming “free off…” For example, deodorants claimed free off CFCs but the truth is CFCs were banned. Marketers just put it so people will have a sense that it is safe. When you read this on their label, make sure that the substitute is not as dire.

  1. “Fragrance-Free”

There are people who are allergic to fragrances. This is the reason why products with “fragrance free” labels are born. You have to be careful because sometimes they are just masking the fragrances by putting other ingredients or chemicals. It is always best to consider products made of essential oils as an alternative to synthetic ones.

Knowing these words will surely raise your awareness when it comes to buying cosmetics. You will be able to distinguish a bogus claim.

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